Run… For the hell of it

10 Nov

Not to speak the obvious, but we’re now in mid-November which means my race season has come and gone. So now, rather than focus on my next race, I’m counting down the days until the snow flies so I can be off doing this:

But, with the weather report reading this:

I’ve come to accept that may not be happening for a while.  So lately I’ve been finding myself stuck in the limbo of post-run season, pre-ski season.  Hmm.

To be quite honest, in anticipation for the snow, my dedication on the trails and road has dwindled but I still try and get out for runs that count.  Take 2 weeks ago, when I pounded along the canal for a beautiful 10k in Ottawa.  Or taking a wee bit longer of a lunch break to hit up the trails by our office.


Lately, I’ve been taking on the attitude that I’ll just run for the hell of it.  I may not be putting in the mileage, or clocking some serious speed work I normally would when race-training, instead I’m just embracing my love for running by enjoying this last bout of warm weather before the snow flies.

I’ve come to realize that running just for the hell of it has been a great stress-reliever, allowing me to clear my head at lunch and come back fresh in the afternoon.  Plus, to be quite honest, if I didn’t get a decent run in 3-4 times a week, I’d probably go crazy.

So until it’s time to retire these:

Well, these have been retired since August.

I’m going to keep on at it, just at an easy pace 😉

Happy running!



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