Fitness Turning Point (FBW Post)

12 Nov

Fitness Blog World recently posed a question to all of its bloggers: “What was your turning point that led you to fitness?”  I thought I’d take a stab at answering it 🙂

It’s hard to say that there was ever really a “turning point” because I’ve always been fairly active.  I took up every sport you can imagine growing up: swimming, skating, ballet, jazz, tennis, horseback riding, track and field, gymnastics…. though the only one that stuck was karate, which I practiced from age 8 to age 18, when I left for university.  My first couple years of college were fairly inactive, however, unless you consider bar hopping to be an “activity” lol.  I was focussed on building friendships, learning to be independent, and trying to stay in school.

I would prefer to say that there was a return to fitness.  My return to fitness, which happened in my 3rd year university (2005), can be credited to two people: Jess, and my then-boyfriend Patrick.  They were both runners, had been on teams in high school, and enjoyed cooking.  Although it was never intentional (and I doubt either of them ever even knew I felt this way), I always felt a bit left out when they talked about their training and cooking.  I decided that I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and prove that although I was never on a team, I was just as serious an athlete as they were (even though I hadn’t stepped in a dojo in years, lol)!  I started going to the gym, started listening when Jess told me what and how she was cooking, started learning about exercise philosophy and technique from Patrick, and I started looking for information.

For the next few years, an interest grew into a passion; the more I learned, the more I wanted to know.  And the more I knew, the more I wanted to do!  Suddenly I was going to the gym 5x per week and counting macronutrients.  And I was seeing progress!

Eventually, inevitably, I reached what I considered to be the limit of my training, but I wasn’t ready to stop.  I wanted to go further – I wanted to compete in a Figure Competition to see just how far I could take my physique.  It wasn’t until I started dating John in 2009 that I finally sought to accomplish that goal.

John is an athlete through and through, and very few people can understand my love for the gym, my drive to compete, and my vanity (because let’s be honest, you’ve gotta be just a little bit vain to do this stuff!) like he does.  He gave me the mental, emotional, and physical support and encouragement that I needed to finally take the first steps toward entering a show.  He continues to do that to this day – always pushing me to do better.

So again, it’s hard to say that there was ever really a “turning point”.  Rather, there have been some very influential people who have come into my life and have pushed me toward my current healthy lifestyle – people to whom I will always be indebted.


What was your turning point?


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