Carb Syncing

14 Nov

I recently received an email from one of my friends, Karine Losier  aka. The Lean Kitchen Queen, and co-writer of Metabolic Cooking.  I subscribe to her website and she sends out emails once or twice a week with new information, tips, recipes, articles, etc.

One of her emails was about Carb Syncing.  The concept here is that for maximum fat loss, one should time their carbohydrate intake so that they consume the majority of their carbs at those times of day that our bodies most need them – in the morning, and after a workout.  Furthermore, it suggests that in order to capitalize on the benefits of this theory, we should consider exercising in the morning to sort of “kill two birds with one stone”.

Now, having been around the diet circuit a few times, I knew about macronutrient timing (the general rule of thumb is to have protein with every meal, carbs in the morning and post-workout, and fats in the afternoon and evening).  However, I’d never really considered how working out in the morning could enhance the benefits of this approach.

So, being that I have the time and flexibility to be able to change my daily schedule, I figured I would give this theory a try!  Starting tomorrow, for the next few weeks I’ll be going to the gym after breakfast and will be timing my carbs so that I’ve consumed about 65% within my first 2 meals (meaning fruits and starchy carbs to be eaten in the morning, then switching to vegetables for the rest of the day).  Now, I usually like to hit to the gym in the late afternoon (I find my energy peaks about 6-7 hours after waking up) and in the past I’ve only ever worked out in the morning when I have to, so it’ll be interesting to see if and how long it takes for my body to get used to the new schedule, and if/how workouts are affected.

I’ll be sure to report back with my findings, so don’t change that dial!



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