Carb Syncing: Follow-up

3 Dec

Earlier this month I wrote a post about Carb Syncing and said that after a while of trying it out I’d give an account of my findings.  Well, there were a couple pros and a couple cons for me.


-Because I was hitting the gym after breakfast, I got my workouts over with early in the day, giving me lots of free time in the evenings.  I liked not walking home in the dark (it’s pitch black by 5:00 now!!), and I’ve had time to cook nicer dinners in the evenings.

-My energy levels were actually really good!  I didn’t know if my body would be able to warm up that quickly after waking up, but I was lifting just as heavy (if not heavier) than I do during my later workouts.

-The gym is so much QUIETER early in the day!  I shaved at least 15 minutes of my workouts just from not being distracted and having to wait for equipment.

-I fell asleep much earlier and easier at night because my last “dose” of caffeine was being taken earlier in the day.  I usually take caffeine right before a workout, and on days that I go later that means I’m taking it around 4:30pm.  But with the Carb Syncing approach, my last cup of coffee was instead consumed around 1pm.


-My body may have been ready, but it was HARD to get my head in that “mode” so early in the day.

-I found it hard to break out of my regular morning routine for the sake of getting to the gym in time after breakfast (I like to go about 1 – 1.5 hours after I eat).  As a result I would get there some days 2.5 hours after breakfast, at which point my energy would start to drop.

-Not sure if it’s a “con” or not, but I didn’t really notice a huge impact on weight loss.  This could be diet related though, so more experimentation is required 😉

All in all, I liked how I felt using this approach so I’m going to keep timing meals and workouts using this theory.  And now that my diet is going to be a bit more regimented, I’ll hopefully be able to more effectively monitor any changes in weight loss due to this approach.

I’ll keep you posted!



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