Yay, plyometrics!

5 Dec

If you suspect a note of sarcasm in the title, you’re dead on.  I’d love to say that I’m someone who loves plyometric training, but the truth is that I really really don’t.  Plyo’s are hard!  It’s one thing to train cardio and strength by themselves but it’s a whole other thing to train them together, and no matter how fit I feel, they always humble me.

Here is my humbling plyometric leg routine, done as a circuit (4 sets per circuit) with 90 seconds rest between sets.

Circuit 1

Tuck Jumps – 30 reps

Squats – 50-60 reps

Lateral Bound – 20 per leg

Split Squat Jumps-15 per leg

Reverse Hyperextension – to failure, on Swiss ball

Circuit 2

Squat Jumps – 25

Deadlifts -20

Forward Falls – to failure

Jumping Plie Squats – 15

Box Step with Knee Drive – 15 per leg

Circuit 3

Box Jumps – 15

Burpees – 15

If you’re interested in incorporating some plyometrics into your fitness routine, here are some sites that give great descriptive lists for both upper and lower body exercises:




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