Dirty Feet December Run Challenge Update: 7/8

8 Dec

It happened. I encountered a day where I was unable to run, and that day was yesterday.  I feel pretty bad that I was unable to, but it was for a pretty good reason: I was sick.  Not just the whiny “I feel sick” nonsense. No, I was dizzy, nauseous and overall not feeling so hot.  I’m pretty sure going for a run was only going to make it worse and so I listened to my body and took a much needed rest day.  Disappointed? Of course, but in the end I feel I made the best decision and gave my body the rest it was demanding.

Ok, now that I’ve gotten that confession out of the way, I’m happy to report that other than yesterday I’ve gone out for a run every day so far in December.  I’m even happier to report that I’ve yet to turn to the dreaded treadmill to accomplish that feat.

I am really enjoying this challenge so far. Not only am I getting out daily to enjoy my favorite form of exercise, it’s making me realize how freakin’ easy it is to go out for a run, no matter how quick, every single day.  I’ve run at all times of day from first thing in the morning to after dinner at night.  Some runs have been no more than 1.5 miles, while some have stretched to 4 or 5 miles.  It all just depends on my time limit and how I’m feeling, but I’m running none-the-less.  It also helps that we’ve had unseasonably warm weather so far.

I know that having to lose a day so early in the month isn’t the greatest but I’m fully committed to see this challenge out to the very end.

Have I ever mentioned that I’m stubborn?

Wish me luck!

Oh and here’s a sneak peak of what’s in store for you guys tomorrow:

Chocolate tease? Absolutely!



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