When we were young

11 Dec


It was during the first semester of our second year when Tess and I met for the first time.  Going through an on-off period with my soon-to-be ex-boyfriend was forcing me to branch out beyond his/our friends and meet new people.  Not an easy feat when your entire school’s population is 2000 students.  Luckily, I’m stubborn.

Tess and I were both taking Le Théatre du Québec: 1885 à 1985.  For some reason we both felt it was an excellent idea to study a century of Quebec theatre. It wasn’t.  Like almost all of the classes at Bishop’s, this was a small class of about 20 students and so it was easy to recognize your classmates outside the classroom (read: drunk at the bar).  I don’t remember precisely the first time we hung out or started to become friends, but I do remember when we decided we’d live together the following year.

It was Late October/early November and we were going to watch some friends in the New Plays productions- Bishop’s drama students writing, casting, directing and acting in original short plays.  It was intermission and we were both discussing how we did not want to live in Rez for third year.  Ironically, Tess had actually moved into my rez room from 1st year.

BU Rez Life

As we were standing in the reception area of the theatre I sort blurted out the words asking if she’d like to live with me next year.  Gratefully she said ‘yes’ and we quickly went on the hunt to find a “suitable” apartment. That suitable apartment was a hole in the wall on the side of a very large, very old house 10 minutes walking distance from campus.

192 Queen!

I remember walking in, noticing a decent sized kitchen/living room area, two bedrooms and a bathroom/laundry room.  Definitely not the Ritz but the rent fit the budget and it was a good size for 2 girls in need of a place to live.  It was only when I was moving my stuff in that spring did I realize just how disgusting and filthy that apartment was.  Luckily my Mom is amazing and we spent a good 8 hours scrubbing so that it would no longer violate health and safety regulations.

192 Queen had a good 2 year legacy

Moral of the story: never rent the first apartment you look at.

Good thing the friendship lasted through it 😉



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