Tracking Progress (Personal Records)

22 Dec

I’m terribly sorry for posting so late in the day, and for my recent lack of creativity!  Since being home, admittedly, I’ve just been enjoying the time with my family, and some R&R.

Now, when I say “R&R” I don’t mean that I’ve been taking time away from the gym.  Come on…. that’s just crazy talk!  In fact, I’ve set two new personal records for myself this week!

1. I Leg Pressed 360lbs for 20 reps (that’s 8x 45lb plates!)

2. I Bench Pressed 50lbs for 6 reps (I know that may not seem like much, but it’s a huge improvement for me)

This leads me to my little “food for thought” bit for today: How do you measure your progress?

There are so many ways to guage progress – distances run, time spent in yoga postures, increases in strength, lowered resting heart rate…. there are so many things aside from your weight that will let you know how your body and health are doing.   Too often we’re so caught up beating ourselves up over the number on our scale that we completely overlook all of our other accomplishments!

Try this: next time you’re feeling down on yourself, lace up your shoes/grab your yoga mat/put on your ski goggles/strap on your weighlifting gloves and set out to beat a personal record.  I promise you will feel empowered, and that empowerment will make you feel confident, and that confidence will make you sexy as hell!



One Response to “Tracking Progress (Personal Records)”

  1. Tess and Jess December 22, 2011 at 8:47 am #

    (Jess) So so so proud of you!!! We know my recent PB: 52:30 @ 10k baby! haha

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