Welcome, Resolutioners!

4 Jan

Let’s just say what’s been on everybody’s mind: the gym has been PACKED since New Year’s!  It happens every year.  There’s a sudden influx in people going to the gym due to the oh-so-popular resolution to “get (back) into shape”.  Inevitably, the crowd starts to die down around mid-February, and by mid-March things are back to normal, with only the true gym-goers still actually going.

If you’re one of these people, these “resolutioners”, then first of all, be proud that you’re making the commitment to bettering your health!  Ignore the grouchy gym-rats like me, and you just go ahead and do your thang!  But, before you do, let’s go over just a few key things that you can do in the gym to make everything run just a little bit smoother:



1. Put your weights back once you’re done using them.  The reason for this is three-fold: (1) If your were using a machine (such as a leg press or squat rack), then the next person to use it may not be as strong as you are, making it difficult to set things up  (2) Residual weights at stations and on equipment are markers that the machine/station is still in use  (3) It’s very frustrating to have to go hunt down barbells and dumbbells that have been left all over the gym!  Grr.

2a. Do not use a machine if somebody has left clear “markers” to indicate they are using it.  Examples of markers include water bottles, note pads, iPods, towels, and weights.  2b. Do not leave your stuff at a machine/station if you are not using it.  This may unnecessarily prevent other people who would like to use the space from using it out of courtesy, thereby disrupting the flow of a workout.

3. If you would like to use the machine someone is using, don’t just jump in.  You should first ask how many sets they have left, then ask if you can “work in”.

4. Don’t hog the machines, especially during peak hours.

5a. If the weight is so heavy you can’t lift it with proper form, it’s probably too heavy.  You look silly, not strong. 5b. If you don’t know how to do an exercise, ask someone for help.  Doing it improperly, again, makes you look silly, not strong.



6. Wipe down your machine when you’re finished using it.

7. The laws of “first come, first served” apply here.  If there is a long line of people waiting for a machine, it’s good form to get in line as well.



8. Whether you’re taking a break between sets/exercises, or walking to/from, please be mindful of the people who are still working out and move out of the way!

9. When chatting on your phone (which you really shouldn’t be doing since you’re here to work out not socialize!  Ahem…..) move aside and let someone else use the equipment/space you’re otherwise occupying.


10. Be mindful of the space around you.  Don’t sprawl your stuff all over the benches, and don’t use one of the big lockers if all you have is a purse.

11. A toilet is not a place to get changed…. that’s what the change room is for!  Toilets are for “doing business”.  If you’re uncomfortable changing in front of others, use one of the shower stalls or come to the gym already dressed.  Some of us really really REALLY have to pee :S



5 Responses to “Welcome, Resolutioners!”

  1. Murray January 4, 2012 at 9:05 pm #

    Amen!! The only thing I would add is proper workout clothing. Jeans on the treadmill are not a wise choice, not to mention a dead giveaway the wearer is a resolutioner.

  2. Jenn January 4, 2012 at 9:31 pm #

    Sigh. I feel like I am going to be one of these ‘resolutioners’ this year but at least I am familar with the rules lol.

    • Tess and Jess January 4, 2012 at 9:38 pm #

      (Tess) It’s ok to be a resolutioner! Just don’t be the one that bails after only a few weeks 😉

  3. A Fine balance January 5, 2012 at 3:05 pm #

    You’re absolutely right on all accounts. I’m happy to see all of the NY resolutioners because some of them do become gym-rats too!

    but gym etiquette 101 was/is necessary! 🙂

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