1 Dish, 2 Spoons: Stuffed Peppers

6 Jan

Tess’ Take

When Jess asked what I’d like to make for this week’s 1D2S post, I’m not entirely sure why I said “stuffed peppers”.  I’ve never made them before, and I actually HATED all things stuffed as a child (tomatoes, peppers, chicken, pasta, etc.)  Double stuffed Oreos being the only exception.  On top of this, I wouldn’t be able to follow a recipe because I’m officially back to dieting, and there are no recipes out there that will cater to my specific dietary needs; certain foods must be consumed at certain times and in certain quantities.  For example, for lunch (which is the basis of this recipe), I am allowed 4oz of chicken, 1/3 cup of wild rice or quinoa, and 2 cups any green vegetables of my choice (I actually just caught the “green” part of that last one just now, and I’ve been eating some red and yellow colors since Monday…. oops!).  To make matters even more challenging, I was so busy the day I made this recipe that I only had about 30 minutes to prepare and cook everything, when most stuffed pepper recipes say to bake the peppers for 45-60 minutes!

So, it was time to get creative.  I can’t promise that this recipe will taste exactly like mom used to make it (with cheese, oil, and ketchup or tomato paste), but I can promise that it’s extremely clean (healthy), and most importantly: it’s delicious.

Tess’ Clean Stuffed Peppers


-2 bell peppers (whatever colour you’d like)

-4oz chicken

-1/3 cup cooked wild rice

-1 cup assorted veggies of choice, diced.  I used onion, tomato, celery, mushrooms, and garlic.  Some other good options would be zucchini, spinach, corn, or carrots.


1. Preheat oven to 350F.

2. Cut chicken into chunks (cooks faster), and season with spices of choice.  I used S&P, paprika, and a multi-purpose seasoning like Mrs. Dash.  Bake chicken for 15-20 minutes.

3. Cut the tops off your bell peppers, remove the seeds, and the white stuff.  Bake cut-side-up for 15 minutes.

4. Spray a frying pan with Pam and sautee the vegetables over medium head.  If they’re sticking to the pan too much, you can add a bit of water.  Using water instead of oil, by the way, is a great “clean” way of sautéing vegetables.  Fry for 5-7 minutes, until veggies are soft.

5. When chicken is done, shred it or chop it into smaller pieces.  Mix chicken, rice, and cooked vegetables.  Season mixture with basil, oregano, Italian seasonings, chili peppers, etc.  Note: Though I didn’t use any, many recipes also called for Worchestire sauce.

6. Remove pepper from oven and fill with mixture.  I only made 1 pepper, but there was definitely enough mix to make 2 (I ended up eating the remainder straight from the bowl.  YUM!)  Return to oven for another 10 -20 minutes, depending on how soft you like your peppers.  Note: For some added yumminess, sprinkle some parmesan or low-fat mozzarella cheese on tops before baking.

7. Enjoy!

Jess’ Take

There was a time in my life when I was making stuffed peppers at least once a week.  My boyfriend at the time loved these stuffed peppers and pretty much begged me to make them on a daily basis.   Subsequently, I got really sick and tired of them. Like, don’t so much as show me a stuffed pepper because it will make me ill.

Now that some time has passed I am finally ready to open myself up to the idea of stuffed peppers again.

This isn’t the exact recipe I used to make, but I think they’re still pretty awesome.

Actually, the inspiration from these peppers is from the paella I made not too long ago.  In keeping with my New Year’s resolution to reduce my food waste, I also added in the chickpeas from my chickpea tacos.

Um, huge success.

These have definitely gotten me back on the stuffed-pepper bandwagon!

Spanish Stuffed Peppers


2 green peppers, halved and seeded

½ white onion, diced

2 cloves garlic, minced

½ c. brown rice

1 c. water

1 tbsp olive oil

¼ tsp salt

¼ tsp pepper

½ tsp smoked paprika

Pinch of saffron threads, optional

1/3 c. diced tomatoes

1/3 c. chopped artichoke hearts

¾ c. chickpeas from Chickpea Tacos recipe


Heat oil in a medium skillet over medium-high heat and add in onion and garlic, sauté for 2-3 minutes then add in brown rice.  Season with salt and pepper and then add in water, tomatoes, artichokes, and spices.

Bring to a boil, reduce heat, and cover.  Allow it to simmer until liquid is mostly absorbed then add in chickpeas.  Cook for an additional 2-3 minutes until fully absorbed.

Stuff mixture into pepper halves, and broil for 10-15 minutes.

Serves 2.

You’re probably wondering what the cheese is doing on top since I pretty much stated I was scrapping the dairy for 2012.  Well, smarty pants, that is in fact Daiya brand non-dairy cheese.  Yes, you read me correctly- VEGAN cheeze!

Daiya brand is probably one of the better non-dairy cheese products on the market as its lactose, casein, soy, and gluten free.  You can find it in natural food stores, the organics section of your super market, or wherever you get your tofu.  However, it is not readily available everywhere so I’d recommend you check out their website.

If you’re wondering if it tastes just like the real thing, the answer is: no, it doesn’t.  It’s similar but definitely not exact but hey, it does the trick 😉

Happy Friday!



One Response to “1 Dish, 2 Spoons: Stuffed Peppers”

  1. 3momsmeals January 8, 2012 at 10:54 pm #

    I’m going to try those stuffed peppers this week! (Tess version) I love peppers and I’m sure Caleb will love them to. He is six now, and being honest about his love for all things green, vegetable and unpreserved (is that a word??) … which kind of makes me wonder where he gets it from since I have to convince him to have pizza for supper instead of sweet potato and carrot sticks….

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