Intuitive Training

11 Jan

Now, I’m not going to BS you all and pretend to be an expert on this subject.  I’ve done a bit of reading, and have had some reliable sources tell me that intuitive training is very effective, and I believe them.  So with that out of the way….

Have you ever gone to the gym on a Back day and wished that it were a Shoulder day?  Have you ever gone in with your program telling you to lift heavy with few reps, but you’re getting a better burn with low weight and high reps?  Every day your body changes.  Every day our environment, and all the little things that affect our workout change as well.  Hydration, sleep, weather, humidity, food and supplements, stress, relationships, mood, recovery from a previous workout, injuries, stimulants and depressants….. all of these things contribute to how your workout is going to go.  Many of us find ourselves going through the same workout routine for 4 weeks at a time, but if our bodies are constantly changing and adapting, then does this approach really make sense?  The idea behind Intuitive Training is that you learn to trust your instincts to guide you through a workout.  This is not for beginners, mind you; this kind of keen awareness can only be developed after years of training and learning your body’s rhythms.  Here’s what Arnie has to say about it:

“When you begin (bodybuilding) training and are attempting to master the fundamental exercises and create a basically sound muscle structure, it pays to follow a set program.  But after you have been training for a longer period, you will find that your progress will increase if you learn to perceive and understand your body’s individual responses to training and vary your workouts accordingly.”  

This week I was supposed to do a 6 day split: Shoulders & Abs, Glutes & Hamstrings, Back & Abs, Chest & Shoulders, Arms & Abs, and Quads & Calves.  But, when I got to the gym today (I’d taken the last two days off), I really just wanted to do a thorough full-body workout with high reps… something to make me sweat!  And that’s just what I did.  And it felt great – no regrets.

In my humble opinion, one of the most important things anybody can gain from regular exercise is a deeper relationship and understanding of their body.  It takes some practice – learning to listen and respond properly – but I think that if you start to incorporate intuitive training, like Arnie says, you can see great progress in your development.

Something to consider 🙂



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