Resolution Check-In

23 Jan

First of all, thank you everybody for your kind words and support of our engagement – it’s really meant a lot to us.

Now let’s cut the sappy stuff and get real: How are your resolutions going?  Have you even started them yet?

I know how it goes… the first week back from vacation was tough and you didn’t have time to cook properly or get to the gym.  “I’ll start next Monday”, you think.  But then next Monday rolls around, and you say “I don’t even have a good gym outfit to wear!  I can’t work out this week.”  And after a couple weeks, you start to think “well, I’ve put it off this long, so what’s the harm in waiting until February?”

Well, the harm is that if you’ve been ignoring your health (or whatever else) for this long (months, maybe years), then next Monday or next month will never come.  You need to DO IT NOW!

Your resolution was important, or else you wouldn’t have made it.

So far my resolutions have been half-and-half: John and I will be moving into a house with a yard probably next month, so that one (I think) is done.   I’ve only managed to get 1/2 of one extra chin-up, but I’m still progressing.  I’ve been doing yoga twice a week, and have been taking longer (more enjoyable) walks with my dog 🙂  My skin is clearing a little bit, but I have yet to find the magic combination.  Obviously the goal of two competitions has been scratched out, and the certifications and debt goals have seen no progress at all.  This is what I’ve been “putting off”, and I know that I need to take a shot of my own medicine and just DO IT NOW!!!

If you still haven’t started, don’t worry – it’s not too late!  I’ll do my taxes if you get your butt into the gym 😉






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