Rabbit Food for Dinner

7 Feb

Vegetarians and vegans have suffered through the long-time stereotype of eating “rabbit food”.  Seriously, just because you see bugs bunny rocking the carrot doesn’t mean it’s all we eat. And what’s the with bunny comparison anyway? Are you suggesting we’re all simply these cute, furry, and innocent animals?

Clearly you have not seen me in the morning pre-coffee.

On the flip side, I’d rather eat like a rabbit by stuffing my face with fresh veggies than a cheeseburger laden with saturated fat and god knows what else.  Just sayin’!

Rabbit Food, or whatever you want to call it, is pretty is pretty damn good.  Salads are a staple in my diet (Tess’ too!) and a favorite for dinner. Yes, you read me right, salad for dinner is awesome.  Sure you could down some pizza or other fast food and feel like crap afterward, or you can knock back the fresh lettuce and fixings and feel like a million bucks after. Your choice, I don’t judge.

Now, the trick to eating salad for dinner is making sure you have all your bases covered in the nutrients department.  If you pack in the lettuce and little else, you’re not going to be full for very long.  Sooo you all know what that means: protein, carbs and fats!

Take the other night for example where I was once again craving a massive Kale salad (I swear this has gone beyond obsession and into the realm of addiction).   In order to “beef” it up, I used some tofu as my protein, added some avocado for a good dose of healthy fats, a plethora of colourful veggies and topped it all with a simple vinaigrette and almond sliver for extra crunch.

If tofu isn’t your thing, might I suggest beans or better yet- hummus? Hummus and other bean based dips add a great creamy dimension to your salads if you’re trying to keep it vegan.  I also endorse adding nuts and seeds for some crunch value- almond slivers and sunflower seeds among my favorites.

If you’re really hungry that night, top it with a veggie burger patty like my lentil burgers.  Seriously- how awesome would that be?

As for the dressings, well I usually keep things simple but breaking out the balsamic vinaigrette is never a bad idea. Or try thinning out the hummus with extra tahini, lemon juice and water to create a hummus-dressing.

What I really love about salad for dinner though, is the flexibility.  This is your opportunity to clean out the crisper drawer and put those veggies to good use before they end up occupying the garbage can.


What are your favorite salad ingredients?


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