Just For Fun: Jess

21 Feb

Tess recently did a post with this survey so I thought I’d give it a shot too.


I am: a 26 year old quirky, type-A, young professional trying to make sense of this thing called “mid-to-late 20s”

I think: far too much at times

I know: enough to know I don’t much at all

I want: to continue to avoid studying for my GMAT. Eventually, I will have to give in.

I have: a lot on my plate and that’s just the way I like it.

I dislike: meat, incompetence, ignorance, rudeness, “firsts” on facebook posts- get a life, please.

I miss: Dustin (yeah, yeah, I know “aww”)

I fear: failure

I feel: overwhelmed at times

I hear: selectively.  Cubicle-working has allowed me to develop a knack for blocking people out when necessary.

I smell: the half-drunk cup of coffee sitting on my desk

I crave: carbs, and Lays Old Fashioned BBQ chips. They are the ultimate junk food for me.

I cry: when I am really, really, (like really) stressed

I usually: hit snooze at least twice before actually dragging my sorry self out of bed in the morning. Me <— Not a morning person.

I search: for information.  People really need to stop asking me a question they can answer themselves. I’d like to introduce you to a search engine called “google”, perhaps you’ve heard of it? (cc: Liz)

I wonder: what my life will look like in 5 years time

I regret: only 1 thing in my life.  After that experience, I’ve learned that we must live with the choices we make as we are the only ones who can make the final decision. If you are unhappy with the choices you’ve made it’s okay to be unhappy about them, but take that experience and learn from it. No, I’m not referring to the Gold Boots.

I love: my family and friends. Living away from home, my friends have become like my extended family in many ways.

I care: too much about little, inconsequential details at times

I always: call my parents every Sunday to see how they’re doing.

 I worry: about deadlines, blog posts to be written, and my never-ending “to-do” lists.

I am not: afraid to speak my mind.

I believe: everything happens for a reason.

I sing: horribly off-key

I don’t always: admit my true feelings

I argue: when I feel it’s worth fighting for. Or when I know I’m right 😉

I write: words.  Sometimes I’ll even make sense of them.

I win: at multitasking.

I lose: my mind during the spring and fall months at work

I wish: I had more time to get more things done.  I have too many goals I’d like to achieve at the moment.

I listen: when someone is speaking to me

I can usually be found: at work, in my kitchen, or out and about the beautiful city of Montreal.

I am scared: of letting people down

I forget: how many cups of coffee I’ve had today.

I am happy: when things go how I planned them to.




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