Aux Vivres: A Vegetarian’s Dream Come True

1 Mar

If someone were to ask me what might be the one downfall or drawback to my diet, I would probably say “eating out”.  Restaurant dining can be something of a challenge when you are a vegetarian and next to impossible if you’re a vegan (the amount of items that are cooked in butter…).   It’s not that I don’t like my salad topped with goat’s cheese and nuts or my pasta primavera, but sometimes a girl likes a bit of choice.

So it’s kind of an understatement when I say I get excited whenever I’m presented the opportunity to order whatever I want off the menu.  I’m pretty sure I start jumping up and down like a nine year old on Christmas Day.  The fact that I’m close enough in height to a nine year old doesn’t help my case, either.

Last night, I was granted such an opportunity when my friend Steph and I visited Aux Vivres for dinner.  A so-called “Vegetarian Mecca” located in Montreal’s bustling The Main (St-Laurent Blvd, for you out-of-towners), Aux Vivres is an ethically and environmentally conscious restaurant offering delicious vegan fare with many of their ingredients locally sourced.

Prior to our dinner date, Steph was raving to me about their “Greek Platter”, so we opted to start things off with that.

The tzatziki was creamy and flavourful, and the tapenade paired very nicely with it.  The tomatoes and cucumbers they served along with it were alright, but to be fair February isn’t exactly “tomato” season.  The roasted red peppers were fresh though, and their sweetness balanced nicely with the pungent tapenade and creamy tzatziki.  I’d also like to point out the tzatziki wasn’t overly garlicky, so it’s a safe one to order even if you’re on a date 😉

Moving on to the mains, Steph opted for their Buddha bowl, which looked delicious by the way, starting with an organic rice base and topped with all sorts of goodies including tofu, carrots, and broccoli.  I decided to try one of their sandwiches.

Buddha Bowl!

Aux Vivres have become somewhat famous for their chappati sandwiches, a soft Indian-style flatbread they make in-house.  Keeping in-tune with the Indian theme of the bread, I decided to go for the more traditional Chana filling with featured chickpeas, coriander and chutney.

Um, I was full before I got halfway through and still managed to pack away all but the last 1/5 of this baby. Yeah, it was that friggin good.

I’m now condemned to sweatpants and the treadmill for the next 2 weeks. Kidding.


Unfortunately, we were both too full to indulge in one of their desserts, but next time I’m for sure making room for the “uncheesecake” that was making eyes at me.

Bottom line: if you’re looking for a fun and healthy dining option in Montreal, go ahead and check out Aux Vivres, veggies and carnivores alike will enjoy it. I promise.



2 Responses to “Aux Vivres: A Vegetarian’s Dream Come True”

  1. Tess and Jess March 2, 2012 at 12:02 am #

    (Tess) DELISH!!! Next time I’m in Montreal, you’re taking me here and I’m ordering that Buddha Bowl.

  2. Tess and Jess March 2, 2012 at 8:36 am #

    (Jess)- haha sounds good!

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