German Body Composition Training

21 Mar

As I mentioned the other day, my new training regime has included lots of circuits in an effort to bring down my body fat for the wedding.  I was looking for some inspiration the other day when I came across this article by Charles Poliquin on German Body Comp Training.

The take-away lesson here was that lactic acid may be the key to fat loss, moreso than aerobic exercise.  This is because as lactic acid levels increase in the blood stream, pH levels decrease, which in turn accelerates the production of growth hormone in the body.  And higher growth hormone = more fat loss.

The way to increase lactic acid levels through this program is to incorporate very short rest periods, allowing the body insufficient time to flush out the lactic acid that’s built up over the exercise.  What is lactic acid?  In short, it’s a source of energy.  When your body doesn’t have enough time to use oxygen as energy (for example, going from standing still to sprinting in less than 3 seconds), it uses lactate.  You can tell when lactate is building in your muscles when you start to feel a burning sensation.  Sounds painful, but in this case it hurts so good 😉  The program also incorporates lots of multi-joint exercises, again increasing the potential for production of growth hormone.

Today was Day 2 of the program and I’m liking it so far!  The workouts are very short – 30 minutes – half the time of my usual workouts.  But I tell ya, there’s not one second wasted those entire 30 minutes.  I come out drenched in sweat 😀 😀

Today was also Day 2 of my diet, and I actually woke up today 3 lbs lighter than yesterday morning.  Water weight, to be sure, but it sure is nice to see that scale move.

Happy training everybody!



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