Apple and Cinnamon Quinoa

4 Apr

Some mornings I just don’t feel like cooking an elaborate breakfast.  But then again, I’m not willing to compromise my diet either.

Necessity is the mother of all invention.

Lucky for me I had some leftover quinoa from the bachelorette party this weekend – and we all know how much I love quinoa for breakfast 😉  Pair it with some chopped apples and cinnamon, and voila!

Apple and Cinnamon Quinoa

Thankfully my quinoa was already cooked, so all that remained was to soften up the apples.  I did so by cooking them in a saucepan along with a bit of water and milk for about 5 minutes.

Meanwhile I chopped up some almonds; I love having multiple textures in my dishes!  I also re-heated the quinoa in the microwave.  Note that I haven’t included any measurements in this recipe as I think this is one you can just eyeball.

When the apples were finished cooking, I combined everything (including the milk), and drizzled with a bit of honey.

Breakfast is served!



One Response to “Apple and Cinnamon Quinoa”

  1. A Fine Balance April 6, 2012 at 1:25 pm #

    So yum! Will have to try this…Im going to use agave instead…out of honey!

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