Mrs. Tess Franklin

24 Apr

I’m baaaaack!  Thanks Jess for holding down the fort while I was away 🙂  Wow, these last couple weeks have been a total whirlwind!  I’m going to try and do my best to recap it all for you in this post.


As you may remember, I kicked my training into high gear during the last 4 weeks leading up to the wedding and scaled my diet back so I could lose a few pounds (5-7) for my wedding day.  I’m happy to say that I succeeded, and reached my goal weight of 130lbs by wedding day 🙂  In addition leaning out, I think I even managed to thicken my mid-back, which was a nice surprise!

March 15th

April 13th

The day before the wedding my mom, sisters, and bridal party all came over to the house for the rehearsal dinner.  This is when it FINALLY started sinking in that we were getting married, and I actually started to relax about the wedding.  The whole week before had been crazy busy with finalizing details, running errands, and of course fitting in the last workouts.  It was so nice to just sit back, get my nails done (by my sisters Rachel and Emily), and enjoy having my family in our house.  The church rehearsal was quick, and I was in bed by 9:30pm the night before.

Relaxing with my sisters, listening to Julia tell us all about Thaliand

Wedding Day

Jess and I woke up bright and early to go for a run before the day got started.  I carved out some time that morning to sit by a pond and reflect on everything that had happened so far in my life, and what my intentions were going into this marriage.  The rest of the day went totally smoothly – our hair and makeup appointments ended right on time, we (my bridesmaids and I) had a good snack before getting dressed, and everybody was on time to the church.  As we drew closer to 2 o’clock people approached me telling me how handsome John looked in his Navy whites (dress uniform), which made me all the more excited to see him!

My dashing groom

The ceremony was simple, and perfect.  John was, as I already knew, exceptionally handsome.  I had a hard time holding his gaze at times, for fear that I would break down in tears.  Although weddings are happy and joyous, they’re also very serious and earnest.  We both listened very carefully, and spoke every word with meaning.

Me and my MOH, Tanya, showing off our fancy shoes

The reception was charming.  As much as we had wanted to invite our entire families (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.), we opted to keep the wedding small – only 40 people attended – and in the end it was the right decision for us.  We were able to chat with all our guests, and even enjoy some alone time.

Me and Hannah, then and now

The GL girls, at it again

Bishop's family

Franklin family

Grise women + John

Our venue (Strathmere) was beautiful, and the reception took place in a house-like building, which made it even cozier and more familiar for our guests.  The food was delicious!

Wedding cake

Enjoying some hors d'oeuvres

John - "What are you doing? You're going to spill all over your white dress!"

But I think the thing that stuck out most to us about that night were all the heartfelt, beautiful speeches that our friends and family gave.  We went over every single one when we went to bed later that night; I hope we can remember all the kind and insightful words that were spoken to us on our wedding day.

John's dad, delivering his speech

Dancing with my mom

*If there was one thing I could have changed, I would have toned down my spray tan by a shade or two 😛  Let that be a lesson to all you future brides!*

The Honeymoon

The day after the wedding we hosted John’s dad and sister (now MY dad and sister as well), who were staying with us until Monday.  We showed them around downtown Ottawa, shopped, and of course ate some excellent food.  It was nice to have them all to ourselves for that whole day, as we only get a chance to see his family about once per year.

Steph and Dad at the war memorial

We took our honeymoon in Niagara Falls, and wow, what a beautiful place!  We wasted not one minute of that entire trip and visited everything we could possibly want to see.  It would seem that Niagara is very well set up for tourists, and we took full advantage.  We did some shopping across the US border, enjoyed some delicious meals, and did a lot of laughing in between 🙂

Niagara Falls

John, getting soaked on the Maid of the Mist

Maybe the most romantic moment (for me), came one night when we had made our way up to the viewing deck of our hotel after dinner, got cozy in a chair, and watched the light show that was being projected onto the falls.

Romantic view

And so, now we’re back.  Unfortunately, I came down with a cold the day we returned, no doubt from the lack of sleep over the past 2 weeks.  There were a good 4-5 days of eating with no restrictions, so I’ve put back on a couple of those pounds I had lost lol.  No matter – it was totally worth it!  John was back in the gym the day we got home (I love the way that man’s mind works) and I’ll be joining him as soon as I feel better.

I’m happy to be back to blogging!  Stay tuned for my new goals and workouts.

-Mrs. Franklin (aka. Tess)


3 Responses to “Mrs. Tess Franklin”

  1. v April 24, 2012 at 4:52 pm #

    Love this! Thanks for sharing Tess. This will be a post to look back on for sure! Congrats times a million!

  2. Hannah April 24, 2012 at 7:04 pm #

    Congrats again! Love you and sorry to hear you came down with a cold – feel better!! Ps. You guys had a beautiful ceremony and a very memorable party. We had a blast! Xoxo

  3. Tenecia April 26, 2012 at 10:38 pm #

    You were a gorgeous bride! Congrats to you both!!


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