All Banged Up

30 Apr

After a 2 week hiatus, I finally got myself back in the gym today.  Between the wedding, honeymoon, then getting sick I just didn’t have the energy (or desire) to train until now.  Every progressive training program needs to incorporate periods of rest, so it happens a couple times per year that I take a week or so off.  Though by the end of that week (or two) I always find my body beginning to itch for some vigorous exercise.  And who am I to deny it that?

So today I started back on the same program I’d been on before the wedding.  I made the ambitious decision to start with a leg day which included 10 sets x 6 reps deadlifts.

Tip: Remember that when you’re working in a low rep range (4-6) you should keep your weight HIGH.  Then as you increase your number of reps (8-12, 12-15, 15-20, etc.), the weight you use should DECREASE.

Here’s what I’ll say about deadlifts: if your legs aren’t banged up and bruised after 10 sets, you weren’t doing them right! 😛



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