Race Day Recap

8 May

I would apologize in advance for not posting this on the actual race day, but I was so tired the last thing I felt like doing was typing up a blog post. I’m only human 😉

Overall, race day was an amazing day.  Here is an approximation to how the day went:

6am: Alarm went off.  I rolled over.  Dustin dragged his tired self out of bed to make coffee and toast served with fresh fruit and water.  Best.Boyfriend.Ever.

6:30am: Laid out my racing gear, got dressed, and packed our bag for drop off.  For race day I opted for my running capris (with zip pocket to hold cash, debit card and TTC tokens), my running tank that has two stow pockets for our keys, and a hat.  I prefer a hat as it helps protect my eyes from the sun and keeps my hair in check thus eliminating the need for sunglasses and a head band. I just realized I think way too much about this. Wow…

6:45am: on the road to the Start at Mel Lastman Square.  With the subway not operational until 9am, we decided to drive to the start and managed to score $5 all day underground parking at the Toronto Civic Centre.  Following the race, we took the subway back to start to head home and shower.

7:15: parked the car and headed over to the bag drop off.  In our bag: I packed a full-zip hoodie, a waterbottle, hair brush, deodorant and a spare top in case I really wanted to change out of my running tank.   Looking back, I wish I had remembered a pair of flip flops, but oh well. Live and learn

7:45: quick warm up and stretching.  I ran up and down the parking lot a couple of times to wake-up my legs and stretch out my hips a bit.

7:50: last minute pee-break.  Sorry for the TMI, but it’s necessary unless you want to run with your legs crossed the entire time- just sayin’!

8:10: lining up at the start line with the other 6000 racers in attendance

8:30: gun goes off and we *slowly* make our way to the starting point

8:33: manage to kick off

At this point, I didn’t have a watch and so I lost track of time and couldn’t tell you my pace.  I went in to Sunday’s race with the attitude of running well, but not pushing myself too hard as I have 2 more races this month and wanted to avoid injury.  However, I can tell you that I felt strong crossing the 10km mark and picked up the pace a bit.  By the time I got to the 13km mark, I slowed down a bit for a kilometer and then picked up for a kilometer and alternated between these two paces until I hit the 20km mark and then sped up quite a bit.  Going into the final 500m I went hard and had a strong sprint across that finish line.

10:30-35?: I crossed the finish line with a chip time of 1:56:52! I met my goal!

10:50-11:00: Reunited with Dustin who completed his first half marathon in 2:06:57- so proud of him!

11:00-11:15: munched on bagels, bananas and water to help restore lost calories and get in some much needed potassium and carbohydrate to keep our energy levels up.

11:30: headed over to the TTC to head back to the parking lot- we missed the train and had to hang around until noon, so we were running a bit behind.  Ah well.

1:00pm: got back to the apartment and took much needed showers and relaxed for a bit.

2:30pm: packed up my stuff, then we headed back downtown for our victory lunch: FRESH!

3:00pm: dismayed by the HUGE line up, we got it to go and ate in the park.  #Romantic

4:00pm: Dustin drove me to Union Station so I could hop on the train back to Montreal.

10:30pm: Fell face first onto my bed.

Next up: Ottawa 10km



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