One Week, Two Races

6 Jun

…. Two work events.

So in case you’re wondering why I was kind of MIA last week, I think that statement sums it up pretty nicely.  Between work, racing, traveling for work, and trying to recover between races, I was left a little worse for wear until… basically now.

As Tess previously mentioned, I participated in the Ottawa race weekend running the 10k.  This wasn’t my first time running this course.  In fact, the Ottawa 10k was my very first road race that I ever competed in, back in 2010.  I remember being so nervous, not quite sure what I was getting myself into, but so excited at the same time.  My previous time was 54:55, so naturally I wanted to kick that time’s ass.

Luckily for me, my friend Catherine was running the 10k too, so we got to chill out in the shade pre-race.  Plus, two of our dear friends Mike and Murray were also running in the 5k! Yay for running friends!

Me and Mike @ Ottawa Race Weekend

This was their first road race, and they both did amazing- sub-25 minutes for both of them! So, so proud!

Soon, it was time for the 10k, and boy was it hot.  The first 2k went off without a hitch, I was in a comfortable pace and my breathing was even.  But shortly after that, I started to feel cramping in my stomach- I thought I was going to be sick.  Now, I’m sure you’re thinking this is where I be a smart girl and pull out.  Well, I’m not smart and if you think there’s going to be a DNF attached to my name, clearly you do not know me, or my stubbornness.  Besides, I was at kilometer 4 at this point, only a little over halfway to go.

By kilometer 7, I was feeling worse for wear, but started to get a bit stronger.  I kept it up and when that last 1000 meters came in to site I kept pushing, gradually upping my pace until a full out sprint at the end.  I was a little disappointed because I knew I was a bit slower than I wanted to be.  I was even fearful I wouldn’t have beaten my time.  Luckily, my friends felt like stalking me on SportStats and this little gem showed up on my phone:

52:13? I’ll take it!

Exactly one week later I was on a plane to Vancouver, BC and then took the glorious drive up the coast to Whistler for the Whistler Half Marathon.  If ever you get the opportunity to make this drive- take it! I promise you will not regret it.


This race was actually a work-sponsored event so my presence was a mix of business and pleasure, which really just makes it all the more interesting.   The race itself is scenic, hilly and just plain beautiful.  I have never run such a beautiful road race before!

Me and the team!

Unfortunately, I once again was running into stomach problems. I’m not sure if this was due to starting too fast, or nutrition, but either way it’s something I need to look into. By kilometer 4, I once again gave serious thought to dropping out.

Can you see the agony on my face?

I’m pretty sure the only reason why I didn’t is because my boss was behind me, and no way was I dropping out of a race with him only minutes behind!  By the time I hit the 10km mark, I was feeling strong and confident- probably too confident because at kilometer 14 I hit an unexpected hilly patch that lasted through the next 2-3 kilometer’s that pretty much killed me. I mean, I was dying through kilometer’s 18-20.  I swear, I never thought I’d see that much needed “1km to go” marker.

When I rounded the final corner, I sprinted- not out of excess energy, but out of desperation to just be done!  Let’s just say my efforts were rewarded by a resounding upheaval onto the pavement.

Yup, I puked my guts out.  Again, a first for me; I’m just learning so much on these races of mine.

That’s not to say it wasn’t for naught.  In fact, I actually beat my Toronto time by 4 minutes with a final finish of 1:52:15! That’s right folks- I got myself a new PB!

Going into this week of 2 races, I was slightly nervous as to how I would do.  I know I’d done the right training, and put in the mileage I needed to.  But as they as say: anything can happen on race day; and I’m so happy with my results!



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