When we were young: 5 years ago…

12 Jun

Around this time 5 years ago, I received a call that effectively started me on the path to where I am today.   Having packed up my beloved (and decrepit) student apartment and making the 7.5 hour haul back to Oakville, I had graduated from university.

Student Living

I was commuting every day to Mississauga, working my mundane summer job that had, in reality, eliminated all need for student debt to earn that elusive piece of Latin-scrawled paper.  On my lunch break, the phone rang and I received a call that recent-grads usually only ever dream of.

“Hi Jessica, this is Melanie from Reebok calling.  I’d like to formally offer you a full-time position as Marketing Coordinator, starting immediately in Montreal.”

I may or may not have dropped the phone.

Growing up, I had always planned on taking on a marketing or advertising gig with a big corporation in a major city.  Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, I wasn’t particularly picky, so long as it got me out of suburgatory.

Now, my 21 year old self was presented with this very opportunity that I had been working towards.  Obviously, I said yes (when I was able to properly formulate the words) and as soon as I returned from my break, I informed my manager that this was my “two weeks’ notice”.  #BestFeelingEver

The next few weeks were a blur as my Mom and I once again packed up all my crap stuff and began hunting for an apartment.  One weekend trip to Montreal later and I was the lessee of a pretty apartment in NDG, and the owner of items such as a couch, bed, and kitchen table.   To be honest, I don’t remember much of those last few weeks. I remember tearful goodbye’s to my boyfriend at the time (that didn’t last much longer) and some work and high school friends I was still in touch with.  My final weekend before entering the workforce however, was one I wouldn’t soon forget: Convocation.

Yes, my last weekend as a lowly “recent-grad” before transforming to “young-professional” was marked by my official University graduation ceremony.   Joined in celebration with my friends and family, we had one last hurrah in my old apartment, one last party at the Lion, and a slightly blurry breakfast at Pizzaville. Yes, at Bishop’s we eat greasy breakfast at a pizza joint.  Don’t ask me what their pizza is like because I couldn’t tell you.  For the record, we also ate poutine at a Greek restaurant owned by a Vietnamese man.   #multicultural


I will never forget that last weekend at Bishop’s, just like I am likely never to forget my first week as a Montrealer.  Dazed and confused, little suburban girl takes on the big city and the sports industry in high heels and business attire.

…or the ice ridge in snow pants and ski boots

Yeah, that didn’t last long as I quickly learned that “sports marketing coordinator” can at times mean dirty, dirty grunt-work and thus jeans and running shoes were soon swapped in.  Well, the high heels have stuck around.

Over my 5 years in Montreal, I have learned so much about myself- personally and professionally.  There have been new jobs and opportunities, losses and upsets; new friendships, old friendships, heartache and happiness.  The formative years of my 20s have encompassed so much and so many people it’s crazy to think that 5 years has gone by so quickly.   I love Montreal, almost as much as I love Toronto.  It’s been an amazing playground to grow-up in.  It will be interesting to see what the next 5 years will hold for me.



2 Responses to “When we were young: 5 years ago…”

  1. Sam June 13, 2012 at 7:23 am #

    wow, cannot believe it has been 5 years since you have moved there.

    • Tess and Jess June 13, 2012 at 9:11 am #

      I know! I can’t believe where the time has gone

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