Congratulations, Lindsay Blue!

16 Jun

It’s summer time, which means there are a slew of weddings and fitness competitions under way.  One such event was today’s SAF Summer Spectacular in Ottawa, ON.

Congratulations to all the beautiful fitness ladies (SAF is a women-only event), but a special mention must be given to my client, Lindsay Blue, who participated in her first ever fitness show.

Lindsay dropped 25lbs of fat and put on a couple pounds of lean muscle mass all in less than 16 weeks to get ready for this show.  This included sticking to a strict diet 24/7, drinking 3+ litres of water per day, working out TWICE a day, endless hours of posing practice/seminars/hair/makeup/suit design/grocery shopping, foregoing social events opting instead to sleep, suffering as she watched  friends and family eat all the things she was craving but couldn’t have, and having a confidence in herself that unfortunately many women may never get to experience.

Before picture, taken at the beginning of March

Nope, fitness competitions are not for the faint of heart.  But then again, anything worth having is never easy to attain.  And I’m pretty sure if you asked her, she’d say it was all completely worth it.  Before even having a chance to eat a cookie after the show, Lindsay was already setting her sights on the next competition – planning to come back fitter, leaner, and better!  THAT is a winner’s attitude 😀

Congrats Lindsay, you looked amazing and you did me proud.



One Response to “Congratulations, Lindsay Blue!”

  1. Tess and Jess June 17, 2012 at 9:39 am #

    (Jess)- Congrats Lindsay! You look phenomenal! Keep up the hard-work and best of luck on your continued training. Tess- congrats on successfully training such a beautiful lady, so proud of you both 🙂

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